Ann Curry Confirms She’s Leaving THE TODAY SHOW

Watching THE TODAY SHOW this week was pretty tense for the viewers, let alone for Ann Curry and Matt Lauer. You could nearly cut the on-set tension Witt a knife. You knew that feelings were bubbling up, and seemed to be hurting the show compared to the other early morning offerings on the ABC and CBS, where the chemistry of the anchors was far better. Whatever went wrong for Ann Curry over at THE TODAY SHOW, it was painful for viewers to witness. But, now it’s official. Ann Curry is leaving, and Savannah Guthrie, and not Hoda Kotb , is being offered the co-anchor spot on the show.

Ann Curry is a world class journalist, and it always seemed that she had good chemistry with the rest of THE TODAY SHOW team until she became co-anchor with Matt Lauer. So what exactly went wrong? It seems like NBC started to sour on Ann Curry as ratings began to slip and ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA began to beat THE TODAY SHOW in the ratings recently, where NBC began to blame Ann Curry more than nearly anything, and then bad feelings began to snowball out of control from there.

Ann Curry is actually popular among many fans. THE TODAY SHOW just won’t seem the same without her. Yet the ratings somehow slipped for the show, where the big shakeup will now take place with musical anchor chairs, where NBC now looks to rebuild ratings, seeking the same magic formula that gave the program a 16 year run as the morning ratings leader.

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