Tanning Mom Used To Be A Babe!

Before “Tanning Mom” Patrica Krentcil, 44, decided to become a tanning addict, she was actually a babe while in her 20’s and tried her hand at glamour modeling. Today, she is laughed at by the late night comics for her appearance that reminds you of a dried up piece of old shoe leather.

And the saga of the tanning mom didn’t bode well for City Tropic Tanning in New Jersey either. Even after the tanning salon frequented by Krentcil banned her because of all the bad publicity she generated for the business, state investigators still looked into allegations that the tanning studio routinely violated state rules and allowed excessive tanning by some customers. State investigators found another case of excessive tanning by a customer at City Tropic Tanning serious enough to fine the business $5,000 for violating state safety rules over the tanning industry.

You may say that the story of the New Jersey tanning mom seems like the longest 15 minutes of your life. Yeah, but it continues to provide

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