FEMEN’s Wild Topless Protests

During this past week’s Euro 2012 soccer match between France and Sweden in Kiev, the radical feminist group, FEMEN, staged yet another one of their wild topless protests. Since 2008 this Ukrainian feminist group has selected a number of targets including the sex trade, Russian President Putin, or other targets to protest, attracting attention with topless protests that first involved just the use of a little bit of electrical tape to cover the nipples, but have since gone all bare chested.

Strangely, FEMEN leadership felt that soccer tourists to Kiev were largely only coming to their city to patronize prostitutes, so they organized the topless demonstration to disrupt the major soccer event. But, their topless protest was greeted with more amusement than anything from fans attending the soccer game.

Likely, FEMEN has more than a few facts wrong here. Most men attending a soccer game are there to watch the game, not to surf around for some prostitute in some foreign city. Further, more than enough prostitutes exist in countries like Sweden and France, whether through an escort service or other quasi-legal businesses, so there doesn’t seem to any reason to protest a problem that largely doesn’t exist on any grand scale.

But, you can never accuse most protests from being managed by rational people. Usually, smarter people who are better informed stay home, let alone take off their clothes to draw attention to their political views. But, for some people simply acting crazy isn’t near enough. They need to take things to the next step by taking off their clothes in public as well. Well, it keeps the lawyers in business after they’re arrested.

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