TUCKER & DALE Vs. Evil is a quirky little gem of a comedy horror film that might have slipped under your radar. But, it more than worth a look. Two absurd small town backwoods hicks are mistaken for backwoods serial killers, through one mistaken event after another by a group of college students who end up dead in one horrible accident after another. There’s one twisted laugh after another in this outrageous send-up of the backwoods Southern serial killer hillbilly horror flick, which seems to be a popular theme in recent times. Here at Wizbang Pop we’ve reviewed several such themed films in recent memory.

Critics and audiences both loved this smaller budget, but very effective comedy that’s one twisted laugh after another. You might compare it to SHAUN OF THE DEAD in some ways, as doing what that film did for zombie comedy horror films, what this film achieves for backwoods serial killer films here.

Some of the scenes such as chainsaw beehive incident and other scenes are a real howl. This is a great little film here, and certainly a far better film than it’s lowly $4.7 million dollar box office gross would ever suggest.

The Bottom Line: Seek a good film and you shall find. A few moments of this film seem nearly as good as some classic Three Stooges moments. ***(Three stars, good. If you want to see a very good movie, than buy or rent this one. This is great stuff here).

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