Not Kosher?

Hebrew National hot dogs are a very popular choice among both Jews and Gentiles because they are supposed to be made by a religious company that adheres to strict kosher food rules, meaning that the hot dogs are also very clean and contain all beef. They are an excellent tasting product, and easily one of America’s best tasting and highest quality hot dogs by far. Compared to some cheap brands that use pork snouts and other meat industry leftovers, the taste of Hebrew National hot dogs is proof positive what an excellent product they are.

But, that’s the good side of the Hebrew National brand. The negative side is that the parent company that actually owns the brand is now being sued by a group of consumers who claim that the product isn’t really kosher as it is supposed to be. Further, some stories exist that some employees of the brand have faced threats such as firing or other workplace retaliation if they continued to complain that the hot dogs aren’t really up to kosher standards. A rabbi is supposed to inspect a kosher brand and certify the brand as being kosher in order to display the kosher K triangle emblem. Further, Hebrew National often uses the religious slogan, “We Answer To A Higher Authority”, which has a lot of respect among both Jews and Gentiles alike. Only 15% of kosher food sales are to Jews, Gentiles and others buy up to 85% of many kosher food products. Hebrew National started out as a strictly Jewish band, but has grown into the huge brand after ConAgra purchased the small Jewish food brand 20 years ago.

The lawsuit, for unstated damages, is against ConAgra Foods, and not the smaller contractor, AER, the purchased kosher food company, that actually produces the Hebrew National brand hot dogs. The smaller company no doubt needed a distribution channel to bring their products to the market, so their affiliation with ConAgra was no doubt a business necessity at some point.

Hebrew National hot dogs don’t come too cheap either. They cost around 87cents each average. However, they are made from premium quality meat and are a very nice product. Taste proves that.

It’s now up to a federal court to weight the merits of this consumer lawsuit against one of America’s finest brands of hot dogs.

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