EXIT HUMANITY is a unique little zombie movie gem. Taking place just after the American Civil War, a confederate soldier returns home only to discover that his wife and young son have become horrible living dead zombies, and life is a fight for survival against an army of undead zombies. The soldier seeks a safe place of refuge for food and shelter, and meets up with an unwilling ally, and eventually meets others and finds out the horrible truth how this zombie plague got started.

Part of the movie is done in a narrative fashion, much like some Ken Burns Civil War documentary. This adds a unique style to a zombie tale for the viewer. And the makeup and storyline is compelling enough to make this movie more than acceptable enough. One reviewer even compared this zombie tale to THE WALKING DEAD meets the old West. Well, there you go. That’s a pretty good summation right there. This tale of survival of the living does have a great deal of similarity to THE WALKING DEAD as well as some Ken Burns Civil War documentary.

The storyline that a woman accidentally created the zombie plague after her sister was hung for performing an illegal abortion in a small Southern town spearheaded by an outraged local religious leader was interesting. The woman sought to bring her dead sister back to life, but instead created a plague of the undead was a new angle on the zombie film genre. Other films have sought to blame zombie plagues on spreading illness or a comet, etc.

The Bottom Line: An interesting enough tale of zombies that should satisfy most zombie movie fans. Nearly as good as any WALKING DEAD episode that I’ve seen. ***(Three stars, good. Buy or rent this today if you love THE WALKING DEAD. It’s a reasonable enough substitute for weeks when the cable show is on hiatus. Strangely, it’s the second good Civil War-era zombie film I’ve seen in recent days since ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES. I dunno, is this a new trend or something? Will the Hunley someday be infested with zombies as well?).

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