NBC’s New Show Premiere Strategy

NBC slips us insider memos about their company. And the latest bombshell news from NBC is a new show premiere strategy done in stages starting during the 2012 Summer Olympics and continuing in August to give new shows a running head start ahead of CBS, ABC and FOX. Two new shows, ANIMAL PRACTICE as well as GO ON, will have sneak previews during the Olympics, while NBC’s surprise hit show filmed in Portland, Oregon, GRIMM, will have an early season premiere on August 13.

NBC attempted a new strategy with AMERICA’S GOT TALENT having a early summer premiere during the late part of the May sweeps. The show is now Summer’s top show, giving NBC a strong Summer contender until THE VOICE debuts in the Fall as another huge NBC hit show success story.

NBC appears to be planning a slow roll-out of new shows starting in August that will continue into October, giving viewers something fresh every few days to watch, including many new shows in an aggressive attempt to revamp their network back into a position of ratings strength.

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