G-d No! Go Daddy Abandoning Their Sexy Ads!

Oh, say it ain’t so Virginia! But, those business czars over at Go Daddy have decided to abandon those sexy ads that have become the domain registration company trademark and go with more conventional and conservative ads in the future. And even worse, Danica Patrick’s role at at Go Daddy could even be phased out as well, although she is still barely seen on the front page. In fact, Danica Patrick is locked in an Online election vote on Go Daddy with the far less than sexy Mr. James Hinchcliffe, a 2011 Indy Rookie Of The Year winner, to even remain on the Go Daddy homepage of all things. Even the links to the previously produced sexy ads archive all appear to missing from the Go Daddy site as well. Well, screw that!

Well, a pox on your house, Bob Parsons! What in heck are you thinking here? You decide to abandon the one thing that brought your company success in favor of outright mediocrity. Your sexy ads got you noticed and brought your company as much success as you now enjoy. This is no time to go all Rick Santorum on your site!

A good business lesson for you here, Mr. Bob Parsons. Don’t forget the one that brought you to the dance.

Update: Currently Danica Patrick is leading with around 55% of the votes. But, it shouldn’t be that close! For my money, James Hinchcliffe may be a respected young racer, but he’s not the object of many a wet dream for most men. Some things just stick out in your mind, right? All I can say is that those Superbowl Ads are going to suck royal this year.

A word of fair warning to Bob Parsons. The current CEO of JC Penney’s got the brilliant idea to eliminate coupons and specials at the company, and sales declined so much in the last quarter that the company lost $163 million, the stock hit a 40 year low, and the company stopped paying shareholder dividends. Messing with success can almost never be a good thing. It’s a huge unnecessary risk. So why do it?

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