A Sex Trade War With Canada?

For a long time, Canadian conservative politicians have wanted to end stripper visas to their country from the U.S., even though legal and legitimate adult entertainers have absolutely nothing in common with illegal sex trafficking by some criminals. Yet, a wide range of legislation has found it’s way into the omnibus Canadian budget bill C-38, including specifically ending stripper work visas. And while Canadian conservative politicians try to ride on some sort of “family values” morality bandwagon to attempt to appeal to religious conservatives and other social conservative voters, the fact is that the conservative government has granted 496 visas to exotic dancers to work in Canada since they held power since 2006, with very few rejections.

Strangely, while Canadian conservatives look to end the flow of legal sex industry workers from the U.S. into their country, Canada is actually the leading publisher, printer and exporter for adult magazines distributed into the United States, even though most of these magazines feature at least some hardcore sexual conduct which might actually be illegal in a few American states like Utah, etc.. If anything, it looks like Canada wants to sell millions of dollars of printed porn as a major export to the U.S. on the one hand, but doesn’t want a relatively small number of American strippers working in their country.

Maybe American strippers seem more exotic than Canadian strippers or something. “Eh, fellows, let’s hear it for Katy from Moosejaw, eh. When she’s not stripping, she’s a seal skin cleaner, eh!”.

If this wasn’t the sex industry we’re talking about, then lesser unfair trade practices between countries have created trade wars before. Imagine that, a sex trade war with Canada. If you won’t take our strippers. then we won’t take your porn. Hey, you guys need to work something out here. Don’t you stinking politicians realize that poor guys are going to bed horny in both countries. We’ll send you our strippers, and you guys send us your porn by the truckloads. It’s a win-win for every horny guy in both countries. See, I know how to bring people together. King Solomon couldn’t have done it any better.

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  • MunDane68

    Now that is funny! “Let’s give a big welcome to Lottie! Doncha know, she is a real beut, eh! Soon she will be wearing nothing but her touque!”

    I have to point out, when i was visiting a friend at Michigan State, we went to a bar with clothing removal technicians. All of the melanin challenged women were Canadian and the sistahs were all locals.

    • Sadly, my great grandfather from Victoria still fondly remembers Katy from Moosejaw well. Her shtick onstage was to wear an Eskimo parka and snowshoes. Not really hot, but very Canadian. Made the guys hearts swell with pride, but nothing else.