Oral Sex And Assault At The Cirque Du Soleil?

Two U.S. Border Patrol agents have been suspended from work after got themselves into some legal trouble when they attended a performance of Cirque Du Soleil in Del Mar California intoxicated and the young woman was reported to be giving her male friend oral sex while sitting in the audience. U.S. Border Patrol agent Kallie Helwig was later arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge after she hit a woman three times in the face who complained about their very public sexual activity.

The male U.S. Border Patrol agent, Gerald Torello, Jr., reportedly even gave a young boy in the audience a high five while he was on the receiving end of the oral sex.

Strangely, the arrest of U.S. Border Patrol agent Kallie Helwig only took place when the circus show had ended and Helwig waited for the woman who complained about her oral sex performance near the exit, and she punched the woman three times in the face.

Gee, what’s wrong with this country anyway when two fine public servants can’t even get plastered drunk, have a little public oral sex and then assault people without it leading to their being suspended from their government jobs protecting U.S. security? I say this country’s going to heck in a hand-basket!

I’m also deeply sorry Ms. Kallie Helwig that your oral sex skills weren’t very much appreciated by the public as well. I’m sure you’re very talented, so don’t let a little armchair critic deter you from perfecting your skills.

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