Man Survives Desert By Building Makeshift Motorcycle

An incredible survival story involving a Frenchman named Emile who was facing a life or death struggle stranded in a vast North African desert came to a happy ending when he was able to fashion a makeshift motorcycle out of his broken Citroen 2CV after the frame broke and car was no longer drivable. The weird looking motorcycle-like contraption saved the man’s life, by allowing him to drive to safety after no help came in the blistering heat of the desert.

But, the weird makeshift contraption got him into some troubles with government military authorities who thought he might be an insurgent as well as a fine for driving a nonconforming vehicle from a police officer once the man made it to safety in a North African city.

Although this strange story has very sketchy facts, it’s a very fascinating story of survival and a cool piece of handmade technology.

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