Jenny McCarthy May Play The Pubic Hair Card For PLAYBOY Shoot

Forever the big joker, Jenny McCarthy may or may not be joking when she now claims that she grew a huge old time pubic bush to cover up her private lady parts for her new PLAYBOY shoot. Back when Jenny McCarthy was Playmate of the year in 1993, at the tender age of 19, she had a pretty furry look down there at a time when most men’s magazines models would shave or at least neatly trim themselves down there. But, a few years ago, Jenny McCarthy did a newer shoot for PLAYBOY showing off a baby smooth baby area in at least one picture from the PLAYBOY pictorial. But, now it seems that Jenny McCarthy may be having pubic stage fright once again, and might have gone hairy, real hairy, just in anticipation of the new PLAYBOY shoot. Well, that’s interesting. PLAYBOY makes a deal for a major nude celebrity shoot, and then good old Jenny figures some way to be the big joker just when many girls are nice and trim these days.

McCarthy was quick to mention that, “I grew out a bush so nobody sees anything”, when asked in a PEOPLE Magazine interview about whether she’ll be showing everything off in the new pictorial. Which probably means that she won’t be showing everything.

McCarthy claims that she did the new pictorial to pay for the tuition for her autistic son’s education, which is very expensive. She’s a good mom willing to make a nice sacrifice to care for her child. You can’t fault her for that. But, she looked for a little way to give PLAYBOY readers a lot less than they really wanted, although PLAYBOY usually only gives a hint or two of bare pubes, compared to nearly every other men’s magazine where the pube shots are not only more explicit, and by far, where often something like fingers, a dildo or even a hard erect penis manages to slip inside as well. Compared to all of this, PLAYBOY is like the odd man out in terms of men’s magazines, and seems less and less relevant these days. In a world where most men’s magazines have gone decidedly hardcore at times, PLAYBOY is about as softcore as you can get and still be nude.

It certainly doesn’t seem like good business for Jenny McCarthy to be throwing cold water on her highly anticipated PLAYBOY shoot. But, that sure seems like what she just did. Those executives at PLAYBOY must be real happy right about now. Some celebrity nudes have received close to $1 million from PLAYBOY when they agreed to do a nude shoot. But, more than a few of those have real disappointing photo spreads such as the lame Lindsay Lohan one some months back, where the magazine photos appeared to be more of a teaser for PLAYBOY to sell more photos Online by subscribing to their website. It’s just another reason why magazines like PLAYBOY seem to be suffering from declining readership. Offering almost R-rated pictorials in a world dominated by increasingly hardcore content in other men’s magazines and in Internet porn content hasn’t been real good for business at PLAYBOY. While many men read many of PLAYBOY’s more hardcore competitors with one hand, PLAYBOY is often read with both hands, and actually for the articles which do remain some of the best journalism among any magazine in the men’s magazine market, although both PENTHOUSE and HUSTLER still manage a few good written articles in every issue to round out their magazines.

Jenny McCarthy could have helped PLAYBOY sell a lot more magazines, and help them out of their declining circulation blues. But, no. She sounds like she turned the whole PLAYBOY shoot into one big joke on everyone.

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  • MunDane68

    “best journalism in men’s magazines…”

    That is kinda like being the best first baseman in Tibet. No one really notices…

    • Yeah, you’re right. Tibet isn’t known for being the world’s best in baseball by any means. And neither is good journalism among men’s magazines often well noticed either. Maybe, it’s too difficult to read a great literary piece with one hand or something….