Banned From Graduation! Bikini Photos On Facebook Lead To Court Battle

Facebook seems to have a controversy a day over something or other, including their declined stock value from their recent IPO. The site has also often taken to banning bathing suit or bikini photos, let alone outright nudity or sex acts that some have posted on the site. Celebrity Courtney Stodden found herself banned from Facebook because of a bikini photo for example.

But, one Facebook controversy has ended up in court. In the Philippines, 5 girls who attend a Catholic high school were recently banned from graduation because of bikini photos posted on Facebook. And some of the photos of the beach party did show the girls with cigarettes or alcohol bottles present as well. The high school attempted to contend that the girls were involved on possible “immoral” behavior, however a judge didn’t agree and forced the school to allow the graduation of the five girls to go ahead after one girl’s parents spearheaded the lawsuit action.

And in cases. some employers are using access to Facebook to judge the character of new employees, and to determine whether to hire them as a new employees. It’s yet another example where conduct posted on Facebook can impact a person’s job prospects or life.

Facebook might be the world’s most popular social networking site. But, that hardly doesn’t mean that it can also be a career suicide move if one isn’t cautious what they post on the site.

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