Octomom Pulls Out Of Stripper Gig

The news about “Octomom” Nadya Suleman only gets weirder by the day. First, Suleman claimed that doing her porn video had only “sexually liberated’ her, so she’d first signed up to do a stripper gig at T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach Florida between the 11-15 of July. Octomom was going to do two shows a night, but was only to go topless in the all nude review bar. And Octomom won’t going to do lap dances either, for all you guys who hoped to be rubbed the right way. So those this story rub you wrong?

By the way, all of this is only one of the sure signs of the Apocalypse here.

But, now we learn that Suleman pulls out of her stripper gig, claiming that some at the bar doubted her stripper abilities, so a pissed off Suleman decides to take her G string and go home and sulk.

But we all had our doubts here that Suleman’s intentions were purely to fulfill some sort of “sexual liberation” thing here. She had her new DVD to promote. And further most girls get on the pole because they need money, including Suleman who was having serious money issues recently. But, now thanks to the sex industry she’s doing much better now, thank you.

The sex industry…. improving the economic means of girls, one pole at a time and leading the way for the economic recovery as well.

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  • MunDane68

    Hey, I support single moms! One dollar at a time…

    • Hi MunDane. I once remember a lap dance from a stripper where she keep calling me, “son”, even though she wasn’t a day over 22, and I’m nearly 57. So, I asked her, “why do you call me son?”. She told me, “I brought you up, didn’t I?”.