Lindsay Lohan Injured In Car Crash

Actress Lindsay Lohan was reportedly taken to the hospital with minor injuries after she was involved in a car crash when her Porsche collided with an 18 wheeler. The accident occurred on Pacific Coast Highway. Lohan had been driving an assistant who was reported to have cuts and bruises when the car’s windshield was smashed in the wreck. Lohan was said to be conscious, but bruised and bleeding as well, claiming that the truck cut her off on the highway causing the crash involving her black Porsche. Lohan refused to be taken by ambulance to the hospital according to one report, but was taken to the emergency room for treatment for her injuries.

Lindsay Lohan had been working on the new film, LIZ & DICK, where she plays Elizabeth Taylor. Just the day before the accident, Lohan had a wardrobe malfunction on the set, where a breast became exposed during a scene involving running in a sun dress.

What would a day be for Lindsay Lohan if not for a little drama?

Update: TMZ just got this photo of Lindsay’s wrecked car posted. So check out TMZ for additional updates on this breaking news story as well as here at Wizbang Pop.

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