Mitt Romney Impersonated Police Officers And Would Pull Over Cars

A very strange new story about presidential candidate Mitt Romney has emerged today when it was revealed that he acquired a Michigan State Trooper uniform from his father who was governor of Michigan at the time, and used to dress up to impersonate a police officer and sometimes pull over cars as a joke. Romney also had one of those portable magnetic police lights that he would put on the top of his Rambler, so it looked like a legitimate traffic stop by an unmarked police car. Some of Romney’s friends felt that Romney’s pranks were “creepy” back then.

While President Obama’s high school and college years appeared to be more normal in the sense that he experimented a little with drinking and marijuana use. However, last month a story emerged that Romney bullied a gay student in high school and cut his hair. And now this weird new story of Romney’s police officer impersonations emerges. Although done as a prank or joke, Romney seemed to have a strange fascination with the uniform according to people who knew him.

While strippers and other entertainers sometimes dress as a police officer, it is still somewhat risky in a number of states or cities where it might be considered a crime to impersonate a police officer. And Romney apparently pulled this same prank several times in both high school and college according to accounts of people who knew him. This risky behavior could have resulted in his arrest for a very bizarre crime that would be hard to explain. But, former President George W. Bush was arrested for a college prank that went wrong, but voters were willing to forgive that as something he did as a kid.

Looking back at the high school and college days of the two leading candidates must mean a few regrets for both President Obama and Mitt Romney. An image of Romney as a privileged kid who was sometimes a bully or a prankster emerges, while Barack Obama looked a little too much like a long lost member of The Jackson Five or something.

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  • Right.

    Got this in an email from an anonymous tipster, did ya? Color me skeptical on this until you get a few sources you’re willing to link to.

    And I think there needs to be a statute of limitations for stupid crap you did as a teenager. What teen DOESN’T do the occasionally stupid thing? 20 years with no repeats should be enough, wouldn’t you think?

    What’s next? He had occasional tantrums in preschool? Perhaps he caused his mom indigestion in the womb? If the rumor mills are having to go back to his teens to come up with stuff, the guy’s apparently pretty clean.

    • Actually, both Obama and Romney had their dumb days as young guys. Stories like these are funny celebrity stuff, but probably don’t have much bearing on the intelligence or decision making ability of much older men these days. I personally see a number of positives as well as negatives in both men as will the public. That’s why this election will likely be very close.