Kinks Of The Stars: Carly Simon

Excellent singer Carly Simon has been well known to suffer from severe panic attacks that have held back her career at times by making it difficult to perform live concerts. One time when she appeared as a guest singer on David Letterman’s show, she just couldn’t perform onstage so her performance was filmed in a remote hotel room to accommodate her panic issues. While some singers have tried drugs or alcohol to accommodate their stage nerves, Carly Simon revealed to ABC News a very strange way of dealing with her panic attack issues. “I like to be spanked and that sounds really kinky, but it’s not” she told ABC.

Apparently, the singer would sometimes allow her band members to spank her before a performance, sometimes only a moment or two before the curtain would be ready to go up because this weird rite somehow took her mind off her panic, because the pain somehow distracted her. Sometimes she would pop herself with a rubber band as well, as weird as all of this sounds. But, these weird spankings somehow would distract her enough to be able to perform before a crowded theater with less anxiety.

Carly Simon’s unconventional way of dealing with her anxiety issues nearly had a very embarrassing moment when she was so panic struck that she asked the entire horn section from the orchestra for a huge performance for President Clinton’s 50th birthday party at Radio City Music Hall to take turns giving her a good bottom smacking to help her with bad nerves for that huge live performance, and the last musician was just finishing up her spanking when the curtain started to rise up.

Strangely, Carly Simon only seems to be real shy about her singing in public. She has publicly released a number of topless and nude photos of herself to her fans. Go figure all of this. But, as a singer she’s one of the very best and a real national treasure.

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