Crappy Days? HAPPY DAYS Star Loses Home, Living In A Trailer

Erin Moran, who stared in both HAPPY DAYS and the spin-off series, JOANIE LOVES CHACHI, first lost her home to foreclosure and is now living in a trailer park. The former child star, Erin Moran, now 51, was best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham in the two ABC TV hit series programs. But, after HAPPY DAYS, there were few more major opportunities for the actress than some guest appearances it seemed.

As a child star, Erin Moran had a rough childhood being raised in a strict ad sometimes physically abusive Catholic family. She was apparently forbidden to go out on Halloween with the other kids and play “trick or treat” for example. When her father found out about her sneaking out for this childhood activity she was marched up to her bedroom and forced to lay across her bed for a strapping across her backside. Unfortunately, the child star had to perform on the set of some TV production , but could then could often face some tough discipline back at home for some minor offense in the eyes of her parents. It was a very tough childhood for the actress that her millions of TV fans didn’t know about. Erin Moran once was quoted as saying that “There was mental and physical abuse in my family”. But, Erin Moran is happily married today, and tries her best to leave her mixed blessing childhood behind her. She had great success mixed with a tough home life.

But, Erin Moran and some of the former cast members of HAPPY DAYS have an opportunity in court to sue CBS Productions and Paramount for back royalty payments for DVD sales and other merchandise on July 17, where they may share up to $500,000 in lost royalty payments. Both CBS and Paramount had claimed that all these cast members had received all royalty payments due them in the past, but a judge dismissed the motion to dismiss the case by defendants CBS and Paramount, so the case now goes to trial in July.

If Erin Moran and the other cast plaintiff win their case, then it will indeed be happy days for them.

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  • Erin Moran is a non-story. So what if she used to play a supporting role in one TV show (and a title character in another show that bombed)?

    • Hello David. To me this is another sad former child star story. She was probably the biggest income earner in her household where her parents no doubt lived well on her earnings, yet she faced abusive discipline back at home instead of respect for what she was doing for her family. Further, a dispute over royalty money from DVD sales will result in a court case that could benefit this former child star who has now hit very hard times in recent days. I can only wish her a more “happy days”. .