Bill Oberst, Jr., The Greatest Character Actor You Never Heard Of

Bill Oberst, Jr. may well be the greatest character actor since Boris Karloff. Yet, he’s not a household name yet. One of the main reasons that the film, ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES, worked so well was because of Bill Oberst. From an early age this great character actor learned how to do effective and dead-on impersonations of his school teachers to make the other kids laugh to prevent being bullied. But, he also fine-honed his skills to do famous person impersonations as well, eventually doing a one man shows as famous comics Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield, Bob Newhart and others.

Bill Oberst’s unique looks along with his skills as an impersonator have landed him roles playing Presidents John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, as well as mark Twain, Jesus and German officers in one man shows, plays, stage shows and films.

One woman who worked for JFK couldn’t help but remark to Bill Oberst about his remarkable portrayal of the late president. And Bill Oberst has gained terrific praise and rave reviews for his other stage roles. The latest film, ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES brings the awesome talents to Bill Oberst to film, and should only help the incredible actor achieve greater success.

Bill Oberst’s talents are so fine that he was even chosen by the widow of Lewis Grizzard to play the lead in stage show about this celebrated Southern humorist.

One of the best quotes about Bill Oberst is that he’s “the greatest actor that you’ve never heard of”. That’s exactly right. But, films like ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES where Bill Oberst does a dead-on characterization of the late president should only really help to propel him to greater things. His mannerisms, speech and walk of the late president are incredible. What a great actor Bill Oberst is. A real national treasure. At some point you expect him to land a great role and win himself an Oscar for best actor during his career. And at the age of 46, the actor has many more years ahead to make some big roles that count.

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  • Paul I wanted to thank you for your very kind post. It is a difficult profession and words of encouragement (or chastisement, as the case may warrant) are welcome and appreciated. I shall press on.

    • Wow! Thanks so much Bill! I just love it when stars stop by Wizbang Pop to say hello. Your portrayal of Abraham Lincoln was so awesome in your speech, mannerisms, walk,etc. it was such a dead-on likeness of the late president that it really carried ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES as such a successful film for me. You were exactly the right actor to pull this movie off. This powerful performance made me a huge fan of your acting.
      Major studios need to take a good look at you and see that you can play lead in any role you choose and carry the entire movie on your shoulders like the way you did with this incredible Abraham Lincoln role. The movie might have been produced on a moderate budget, but your strengths as a powerful actor carried this film to success. Not every actor could portray the greatest American president with success and do the role justice. Even though the role was purely fictional, it only made me love Abraham Lincoln more than ever. It was that powerful for me. This role should lead to better and better things for you, Bill.
      The fact that you’ve carried off a number of one man shows is further proof that you can carry any role on your own shoulders with a huge stage or screen presence if required. That’s the sure sign of a powerful actor right there..TV networks also need to take a good look at you and see if you wouldn’t be a powerful actor in a weekly series.
      I’m looking at the foot traffic that your post has generated here, Bill, and it tells me that you have a lot of fans who love your work as well. You have a far greater wave of fan support than you may realize. A lot of people love you!
      Thanks so much for your great contributions to acting so far, Bill. I’m sure looking forward to your next big role to write about here. The public at large needs to know more about the best actor that isn’t a household word quite yet.

  • RockyFretz

    Bill O’berst Jr = my favorite actor!