The Asylum Pictures has done it again. They’ve released yet another film with a totally outrageous premise that’s very enjoyable to watch. Their recent film, NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH has to be their best film release ever, but hot on the heels of this outrageous classic is the brand new release of ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES. This is one of the most bizarre and enjoyable recent zombie movies in recent memory, partly because of the weird premise of Lincoln as a zombie fighter. We all know that Lincoln was a larger life legendary figure. Almost a Biblical figure for his long suffering Job-like life. But, ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES is the greatest tall tale story stretch ever for this very great man, and a strangely loving tribute to him. Even though the story is pure fiction, you somehow think of Lincoln as even greater after watching this film. It has that sort of strange impact.

The Asylum has done a remarkable job releasing a string of low budget films that have the look and feel of those big blockbuster films, as well as a few outrageous premised films like ABRAHAM LINCOLN Vs. ZOMBIES and NAZIS AT THE CENTER OF THE EARTH that are just pure fun. While many big mega-budget Hollywood films lose money, The Asylum films are done on limited budgets where it doesn’t take all that much to recover production costs, making nearly one of their films a winning financial success formula. The Asylum will often sell a new film to cable TV such as the Sci Fi Channel as well as release their new releases directly to DVD, avoiding that expensive theater production campaign that often costs films so dearly in expenses. Disney recently lost a fortune of JOHN CARTER, a film that cost about a quarter billion to produce, but only brought back around $70 million in box office receipts and is quickly headed to home DVD because of it’s huge failure.

Certainly any film The Asylum produces can viewed in it’s budget limitations. Yet, for the moderate investment, The Asylum makes great films that are very ambitious and enjoyable. This company is like a business role model how to have fun in Hollywood and make ends meet and not lose money in the business.

Bravo, The Asylum.

The Bottom Line: Another very enjoyable outrageous outing from The Asylum, one of the best and most entertaining independent motion picture companies ever. Sometimes you may laugh at the film itself for it’s budget limitations, but heck, for what this film attempted to achieve which is to entertain, it hit a bullseye here. ***(Three Stars, Good. Great fun. Don’t miss this film!).

BTW: There’s also ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER that’s being released by a major studio soon as well, if you can’t get enough of ABRAHAM LINCOLN as a supernatural superhero.

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