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Sources Claim Scientology Was Breaking Point In Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Marriage

New details continue to emerge in the huge story of the breakup of the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. And TMZ is only helping to fuel the breaking news with a claim that Katie Holmes, who is Roman Catholic, was concerned that Tom Cruise might try to force her and their 6 year […]

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MAGIC MIKE Sure Looks Like Box Office Gold!

Here’s a big one for the ladies here. MAGIC MIKE is already outselling other new movies three to one in Internet ticket sales this week, so it ought to have a huge box office weekend and give the ladies a little beefcake fun to lure at, while their guys drool all over the hot new […]

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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Split!

There’s a lot of big celebrity news this Friday. And one blockbuster story is the split of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes after five years of marriage. The couple have one 6 year old daughter together, Suri. But, some insider reports sound like the marriage had been dissolving for some time despite many public events […]

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Jenny McCarthy’s New PLAYBOY Out Today

Jenny McCarthy’s new August 2012 PLAYBOY issue comes out today, and the 39 year old comic actress looks simply stunning, where she appears to be channeling great actresses of yesteryear like Veronica Lake in the elegant nude pictorial. PLAYBOY is also offering more exclusive Jenny McCarthy content Online through their subscription service where exclusive nude […]

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Ann Curry Confirms She’s Leaving THE TODAY SHOW

Watching THE TODAY SHOW this week was pretty tense for the viewers, let alone for Ann Curry and Matt Lauer. You could nearly cut the on-set tension Witt a knife. You knew that feelings were bubbling up, and seemed to be hurting the show compared to the other early morning offerings on the ABC and […]

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Young Woman Arrested For Tanning Room Sex Offense

Just when the New Jersey “Tanning Mom” and Jerry Sandusky worked so hard to develop their own shtick routines, some new newcomer comes along to steal their 15 minutes of fame by ripping off both personalities. But, Betsy Brashear has now made the news on her own for her own tanning room incident involving luring […]

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Tanning Mom Used To Be A Babe!

Before “Tanning Mom” Patrica Krentcil, 44, decided to become a tanning addict, she was actually a babe while in her 20’s and tried her hand at glamour modeling. Today, she is laughed at by the late night comics for her appearance that reminds you of a dried up piece of old shoe leather. And the […]

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Jenny McCarthy’s New PLAYBOY Pictorial Leaked

This Friday, the new August 2012 PLAYBOY issue with the much anticipated Jenny McCarthy pictorial hits the newsstands. Ahead of this big new release, Egotastic has leaked some photos from the shoot and is publishing them on their website. Here are a few of the leaked Jenny McCarthy photos that Egotastic has obtained. Enjoy! This […]

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Alex Trebek Recovering From Mild Heart Attack

Answer: Alex Trebek. Question: Who are JEOPARDY hosts recovering from a heart attack? But the host of JEOPARDY, the ultra-popular syndicated TV game show that pits some of the most intelligent persons on the planet against each other is recovering from a mild heart attack scare and should be well and back to work by […]

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FEMEN’s Wild Topless Protests

During this past week’s Euro 2012 soccer match between France and Sweden in Kiev, the radical feminist group, FEMEN, staged yet another one of their wild topless protests. Since 2008 this Ukrainian feminist group has selected a number of targets including the sex trade, Russian President Putin, or other targets to protest, attracting attention with […]

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Indian Tractor Company Becomes World’s #1 Brand

While John Deere and other popular tractor brands continue to be popular in the large market for agricultural equipment, India’s Mahindra tractors have quietly become the world’s best selling brand, including in the United States, where the company now has three assembly plants. It just illustrates the strength of India emerging as a major force […]

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Many Consumers Shift To Cheaper Canned Beers

The sluggish economy is driving up the sales of cheaper canned beers, while the percentage sales of better quality craft beers is declining as a total percentage market share. Retailers nationwide notice a shift of buyers to cheaper canned beers such as Pabst, Miller, Olympia and other higher quality craft brands in bottles that sell […]

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Bill Oberst Jr. Is The Hands Down Winner Among Dueling Abraham Lincoln Film Portrayals

Tim Burton certainly has good enough of credentials as a filmmaker, but two of his most recent films seem to be shooting all blanks. In DARK SHADOWS, Johnny Depp returns as yet another one of Tim Burton’s characters, but this time it almost seems like one Johnny Depp character too many. And in his newest […]


NBC Will Pay Ann Curry $10 Million With TODAY SHOW Exit

As good as a journalist is, and as likable as Ann Curry is, the wheels really fell off over at THE TODAY SHOW when she was paired with Matt Lauer as cohost. First the ratings began to slip, and then frictions with Matt Lauer started with the two anchors. What once seemed like such a […]

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Beautiful Indiana Cheerleading Coach Sex Arrest Legally Complicated

This week, Megan Crafton became the most attractive young woman in the news to be arrested for a sex crime, thanks to the complicated and contradictory laws in Indiana. The part time cheerleading coach was arrested for an incident of oral sex that she performed on a 17 year old high school basketball player in […]

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