Military Service Of The Stars: Comic Marty Allen

Chubby, pop-eyed comic, Marty Allen was the beloved goofy comic half of the Marty Allen and Steve Rossi comedy team that were a regular on many 1960’s variety shows such as 40 appearance on Ed Sullivan’s show. However, few people realize that Marty Allen was also a decorated war hero.

After graduating from high school, Marty Allen joined the Army Air Force and while stationed at an airbase in Italy a terrible fire broke out in an accident refueling a plane. Marty Allen risked his own life to save the lives of many others and rushed in to fight this fire single-handedly. This funny man was also a very brave man, and a true war hero. There was a full dress military parade in his honor because of his bravery as well he received a Soldier’s Medal.

Marty Allen’s love for our military men didn’t end with his war service in WWII. During the Vietnam War, Allen spent his time on comedy tours of wounded Vietnam vets in hospitals known as the “Hello Dere” comedy tour. “Hello Dere” was a comic catch phrase that this comic coined. And Allen did numerous other charity work projects as well. Marty Allen is one of the most kind and decent men that you’ll ever find.

Despite his advancing age, Marty Allen began a new comedy tour of cruise ships as late as 2007. Marty Allen, may be an oldie, but, he’s a goodie.

Now 90 years old, this beloved comic also made many appearances on many game shows as well, including PASSWORD as well as a comic role in spy satire film, THE LAST OF THE SECRET AGENTS.

Here’s to you Marty Allen on this day honoring our brave soldiers. You risked your life to save many other soldier’s lives and to keep more aircraft from burning. You were a great part of 1960’s TV as well. A great man. A great soldier.

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