How many times have you seen a movie with the plot that a bunch of tourists fall into peril in a small Southern town? Well, guess what, MADISON COUNTY is yet another one of those films. Pretty much just another generic film where people in a small town are all in cahoots with some murderer. About the only question is whether any tourist survives here.

Certainly, this bad stereotype of movie that somehow all people in small Southern towns are all deranged killers is a very tired and unfair premise. Yet, filmmakers use this tired old premise over and over again. But, MADISON COUNTY is far from a bad film. It’s well written and acted enough to be acceptable enough. But, you still can’t help feeling that you’ve been here before, again, again, and yet again.

Strangely, a stereotypical small town business that says “general store” actually appears to a restaurant inside with every local staring at the tourists when they walk in. And the restaurant appears to be owned and operated by someone’s grandmother.

The killer in the film appears to be some guy running around in a pig’s head wearing his long-johns under a pair of pants and boots. Do you like pork?

The Bottom Line: If you don’t mind watching pretty much just another generic tourists get murdered in a small Southern town horror film, then this is fine. Who knew what DELIVERANCE would wrought when they started this unfair murderous small town Southerner killer genre of films? Certainly this film is far from DELIVERANCE in story quality or execution here, but it’s an acceptable enough popcorn movie. **(Two Stars Fair. Acceptable enough if you don’t mind watching a film much like you’ve watched many times before. But, generic slasher films like this are about a dime a dozen it seems).

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