The Legacy Of Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby, the legendary auto racer and high performance auto promoter has died at the age of 89 this past week. His long association with high performance Ford products led to the legendary custom Ford Mustangs marketed under the Shelby nameplate along with the awesome AC Cobra and other specialized Ford products.

Despite spending much of his childhood in poor health in bed because of serious heart problems, Carroll Shelby was able to outgrow his health problems by the age of 14 to become a top auto racer as well as to finance or loan his name to some awesome high performance automobiles that command top dollar as highly sought after collector’s items. That’s pretty darn good for a boy not expected to outlive his early heart problems.

Texas-born Carroll Shelby also has loaned his name to a great chili mix as well. He apparently not only knows fine automobiles, but fine food as well.

You can expect to pay upwards of $100.000 or more for a fine 1960’s Shelby Mustang these days. Not cheap, but well worth it for a true classic special edition Mustang.

Carroll Shelby forever leaves a mark on high performance products and on Ford high performance in general as well. That’s a significant footnote in American automotive history.

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