Tanning Mom Poses Braless

That dried up old piece of shoe leather, better known as the “Tanning Mom”, Patricia Krentcil, horribly decided to pose for reporters in her driveway braless. Naturally, it wasn’t a beautiful site at all. And she even offered to pose nude for PLAYBOY, but her phone sure isn’t ringing off the hook on that offer, either.

Sometimes a 15 minutes of fame sure seems like a real long time.

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  • MunDane68

    Why do I have this hankering for beef jerky all of a sudden?

    • Hi Mundane68. Actually beef jerky has a far more appealing look than this very strange woman who somehow believes that her bizarre appearance has great beauty. With a more normal appearance she would be a perfectly fine 44year old specimen , But, this burnt to a crisp look is ghastly to say the least!