Donna Summer Dead At 63

Disco music legend Donna Summer has died of cancer at the age of 63. During the late 70’s and beyond she became an undisputed music superstar thanks to her awesome singing ability, backed by the complex sounding keyboard production backing by her then German-born boyfriend, Giorgio Moroder. The highly sexual sound of some early hits such as “Love To Love You Baby” and “I Feel Love” also made her perhaps the most sexual of any performers at one time with these erotic hit songs.

Her extraordinarily beautiful appearance along with talent once made her known as the “Queen Of Disco”. After her breakup with Giorgio Moroder, her music took a decidedly different turn, but she managed to stay a top act during most of the disco years with singles such as “Bad Girls” and “Last Dance” which lacked the complex keyboard sound of the early songs, but managed a well produced disco sound presence.

Despite being the “Queen Of Bedroom Music” because of her early highly erotic and sexual songs, Donna Summer always had a strong love for religion, and became a full born again Christian by the mid-eighties, but created some controversy with some anti-gay statements. Formerly, the gay community were strong fans of her music, so she ended up further damaging her eroding popularity as disco sales declined. But, Donna Summer did manage to continue a string of fairly successful dance chart singles. As late as July 2011, she still managed to work on new music.

Although a controversial singer for many reasons, Donna Summer remains as one of music’s greatest recording acts for much of the late 70’s and early 80’s. She was a great talent that managed to have some very complex music production that was cutting edge for the era just prior to digital recording. Her records were well worth buying solely for the fact of their impressive music production just to give a good stereo system a nice workout.

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