1934 Morgan Super Sport: Motorcycle Meets Sports Car

The 1934 Morgan Super Sport was an unique trike-based sports car. It featured a front mounted 1100cc motorcycle engine on display along with the unique trike three wheeled design. Morgan actually built three-wheeled sports cars until 1952, partly due to a tax advantage enjoyed in England on motorcycles compared to automobiles. Yet, the 1930’s models had a strong following in racing despite only having a 28hp engine.

As early as 1911, Morgan began to build the unique sports cars. Early examples even had a wood frame, made from hardened wood. However, later models with metal frames were light enough that the motorcycle based V-Twin styled two cylinder engines were more than adequate for the lightweight sports cars. But, Morgan also had four cylinder powered models from 1932-1952 as well.

Morgan still is in business and continues to build cars to this day. They even have a brand three-wheeled model expected for U.S. delivery in June 2012.

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