A Marriage Should Be Between A Man And A Woman, And Another Woman, And Another Woman, And Another Woman…..

The gay community in Hollywood will no doubt be more supportive of President Obama in the face of his statements supporting gay marriage. On the flip side, his likely opponent, Mitt Romney, stated his support for traditional marriage. However, that opens up the issue of the Romney family history of polygamous Mormonism.

Mitt Romney’s own father, George W. Romney was actually born in Colania Dublan, Galeana, Chihuahua, Mexico, because the Romney’s were part of a polygamous Mormon sect that left the United States for the security of Mexico because polygamy was illegal in the United States. George W. Romney’s own parents were American citizens, however with their religious beliefs in polygamy illegal, they sought security in Mexico until political turmoil in Mexico forced George Romney’s family to come back to the United States to finally settle in Salt Lake City, Utah.

So does Mitt Romney support traditional marriage these days? Yes, but traditional marriage sure wasn’t always part of the Romney family. Romney’s own grandfather was from a Mormon generation who believed that marriage was between a man and a woman, and another woman, and another woman, and another woman, and another woman….

President Obama will no gain some stronger financial support from his views on gay marriage, and likely gain and lose some votes as well. And Mitt Romney might gain some support from Obama’s statements as well. But, that’s only if the Romney family history of polygamy doesn’t really become a discussion point in the news.

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  • MunDane68

    Wow, polygamy is a big deal, huh? Mitt’s Great Grandfather was a polygamist. Man, that should disqualify him from the presidency

    Of course, Barack Obama Sr was married to two women. But that’s just okey-dokey, cause, you know, he’s YOUR guy.

    • No, point is that both have nontraditional marriage in their family history here. The school bully thing with Romney probably sets the least well with me of all things. He’s responsible for that part, but not his family history. I actually was a pretty good fan of George Romney. I’m one of the strongest AMC historians and fans that you’re ever find.
      But, the story about polygamy is a fascinating one that many haven’t heard before, besides giving me the opportunity to run a funny Mormon photo and headline. The strange cult practices of the Mormons will no doubt be a story now and then this year only because the Romney run will focus a little more attention on this faith for a while. But, thankfully, most Americans are tolerant of other religion, no matter how bizarre or unusual as long as there is no attempt to force that religion on others. As long as Romney doesn’t become that annoying door to door Mormon trying to convert everyone when he rings a doorbell, many Americans are fine with his personal religious views.