Robin Gibb In Very Poor Condition

Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb is in far worse condition than was previously disclosed publicly by his family. Within the last few hours comes new information from his wife that the singer can only communicate by blinking his eyes, and will have to relearn how to walk. Further, his family also now discloses that Robin Gibb’s chances of cancer survival are only about “50/50”. None of this is very good news.

All of this suggests that whatever triggered his coma might have resulted in significant changes to his brain, possibly damaging many areas of the brain so as to reduce so many body functions. Some persons have made spectacular recoveries from a coma, while some others suffer complication problems that can result in death within a few days.

It’s not really known what the prognosis for Robin Gibb is at this point. But, we can only hope and pray for his return to full health.

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