Beastie Boys Singer Adam “MCA” Yauch Dead

Adam Yauch, better known as MCA has died from cancer. He was 47. He was one of the three lead singers of the white punk rap hip hop music act, The Beastie Boys. Their funny and strange novelty rap single, “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” in 1986 became a surprise hit. They tagged teamed the vocals on the song, and the video complete with pie fight made the trio quickly compared to The Three Stooges of music.

Early Beastie Boys music was strictly punk rock, but then evolved in the white hip hop genre that made the band a huge success. Yauch was actually a devout Buddhist, and a strong defender of human rights in Tibet, as well as had an interest in film work. Many of the Beastie Boys videos appeared to be groundbreaking efforts at new musical styles as well as filmmaking experiments, even spoofing popular genres such as spy movies, etc.

Their album, LICENSE TO ILL was a huge seller, and a must have album for most well-stocked record collections

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