REVOLUCION The New Motorcycle Magazine For The Hispanic Market

REVOLUCION has just published it’s premiere issue. John Zamora is the editor of this new magazine for the Hispanic motorcyclists market. He was the former associate editor for SUPER STREETBIKE Magazine and also worked over at LOWRIDER as well. In many ways, the new magazine has something of the look of LOWRIDER and EASY RIDER combined. It’s a very slick high quality publication that should make John very proud. Custom motorcycles have had a strong following in the Hispanic community for many years, yet few publications exist to celebrate this market. There was a real need for this new magazine to celebrate the beautiful custom motorcycles produced and collected in the American Hispanic community.

The new magazine has a number of beautiful custom Harley Davidson motorcycles featured along some great ads from suppliers where to find some way cool custom parts. There’s a number of beautiful and very sexy models featured to show off the bikes, although to keep the magazine mainstream, there’s no nudity like EASY RIDER or OUTLAW BIKER. For all intents and purposes, the magazine sure looks more LOWRIDER than not, which is a very good thing because LOWRIDER is an excellent publication.

REVOLUCION looks like a winner to me. It has enough good bikes and feature stories to have a strong appeal to motorcyclists outside of the Hispanic community as well to sell well.

The publishing industry is very tough these days, with circulation of many major magazines down by sizable numbers. But, REVOLUCUION looks strong enough to buck that trend and become a hit. Let’s wish this magazine well by picking up a copy today.

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