Jay Leno Turns 62

Jay Leno, the mechanic turned stand-up comic, turned TV icon has turned 62 today. Jay Leno remains the popular host of the TONIGHT SHOW. But circumstances nearly changed that forever. And most of Leno’s TONIGHT SHOW ratings have since returned after a 2009-2010 terrible fiasco over at NBC in which Leno was set to retire and Conan O’Brien was set to take over the TONIGHT SHOW. But, Conan O’Brien’s ratings for hosting the TONIGHT SHOW quickly sagged, and a new 10pm prime time show for Jay Leno proved to be a quick ratings failure as NBC sought to replace expensive 10pm dramas with the cheaply produced talk show. But, audiences didn’t like these changes at NBC. For his part, Conan O’Brien made a huge tactical error on his part, by deciding to give up his coveted TONIGHT SHOW gig and instead deciding to accept a payoff from NBC, do a comedy tour, then sign to doing a talk show over at TBS which has suffered from sagging ratings. This helped both Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, but at Conan O’Brien’s own expense.

Many in the public felt more secure with Jay Leno at the helm of the TONIGHT SHOW. His insightful humor acts a great commentary on news and political events, and in it’s own way acts as the news analysis that you can’t get from the impartial 11:00 news broadcasts. Ans popular features such as funny real newspaper stories and “Jaywalking” are popular Leno features.

Leno’s nightly monologue is one of the very best around. He’s a great comic with an excellent delivery every night. Let’s hope that Jay Leno remains a part of late night TV for years to come.

Happy Birthday, Jay. We love you!

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