President Obama Guests On JIMMY FALLON

Jimmy Fallon scored a major coup by having a sitting president guest star on his show last night. The guest appearance had to be a win-win event for both Jimmy Fallon and President Obama. The appearance likely gave Jimmy Fallon’s show a ratings boost while giving the president an opportunity to shore up his support among college age voters by focusing almost exclusively on the issue of Congress debating doubling the interest on student loans. Despite devoting most of his airtime to the student loan issue, Mr. Obama failed to provide the actual details about what Congress will be voting on this Friday.

A Republican backed proposal will prevent student loan interest rates from increasing, but it will be paid for by cuts in the Obama Administration’s health care legislation. So, it’s really unclear what exactly President Obama was telling students to do when they should contact their Representatives in Congress to tell them they oppose student loan interest rate increases.

The whole thing reeks of election politics on all sides. The Republicans take a whack at the Obama health care legislation, holding student loan interest rates hostage. And the president tries to look like the good guy here, opposing increases in student loan interest, while not really being clear at all if he actually supports the Republican efforts or some Democratic alternative proposal instead.

Well, welcome to election 2012 everyone.

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