Jon Lovitz Pissed Big Time At Obama Over Taxes

Apparently, comic actor Jon Lovitz now joins both Dennis Miller and Victoria Jackson as the latest former SNL cast members angry at President Obama. What hurts is that Lovitz is a liberal democrat unlike either Miller or Jackson. Lovitz referred to Obama as a “fucking asshole” in his podcast, THE ABC’s OF SNL, for Obama’s assertion that the rich aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

According to Internet sources Lovitz has a net worth of $12 million, which certainly pales against far more successful former SNL members like Adam Sandler who is worth an estimated $300 million by comparison. Chevy Chase is said to worth an estimated $50 million. Will Ferrell is worth an estimated $80 million. But, current SNL cast member, Kristen Wiig is worth an estimated $6 million dollars. And Andy Samberg is worth an estimated $8 million dollars.

Lovitz claimed that in the Unites States you can start out dead broke and become wealthy or successful through effort. Lovitz claimed that Obama is proof of that. Lovitz claimed if he earns a dollar and gives the government half in taxes, that should be enough.

Lovitz does have a strong point here. It’s those with some money who invest who create jobs for others who don’t have money to invest of their own. Unemployment can be lessened through investment in new jobs, not more taxation of those with higher incomes. Government would do far better financially by encouraging more investment to grow the economy creating a larger overall taxable income base than wanting to chip away at those who hold the financial power to create more jobs. Government even taxes investment in business as though it’s actually income even before this investment has even earned any income, and then taxes any revenues that investment earns the second time when that investment actually produces some income and isn’t just dead weight inventory sitting around and doing nothing.

Lovitz was born to a Jewish family in Los Angeles, where his father became a doctor. Their family background was from humble immigrants from Hungarian, Romanian and Russian descent. Lovitz views America as the land of opportunity and just doesn’t want Obama’s tax policies to become opportunity killers for America.

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