Robin Gibb Wakes From Coma, But With Mixed News

Showing great will to live after his family kept a bedside vigil, Robin Gibb awoke from his coma. And although that seems hopeful enough news, some other news about the ailing singer is not as good. He slipped into this coma largely because he was very ill with pneumonia, and appears greatly malnourished at this point. Even worse is at least one report that his colo-rectal cancer is very advanced, although some other reports claim that this deadly cancer is in remission.

Robin Gibb apparently told his son that he intends to be well enough to attend the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in June, which honors the 55,000 airmen from the UK who lost their lives over Germany in WWII in their attempt to protect the UK and to win the war for the Allied forces.

As ill as Robin has been, he still managed to collaborate on a Titanic themed classical music album back in January with his son R.J., although he was too ill to perform a concert in support of the project.

Whether Robin Gibb ultimately pulls through with this major health crisis mainly depends on what progress he is making with the colo-rectal cancer battle. While he has made some amazing progress, and has proved great will to live, the overall concern has to be the extreme seriousness of some events such as the coma, which was very close to life threatening. Each health crisis for the singer appears to grow more serious. At some point his luck could just run out unless every health concern can be brought under control.

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