Big Time Sissyass Stuff: Lubbock Texas Isn’t The Best Place For A Nude Maid Service

26 year old former waitress, Melissa Borrett, decided that she’d like to clean up making a few bucks with a unique idea, a nude maid service. Only one problem, Lubbock Texas isn’t the very best place on Earth for such a service. Not only have local police given the tiny business more than it’s fair share of attention despite not having any problems, but further, the city fathers want the small business to pay the all the steep licensing fees that SOB(sexually oriented businesses) fall under. This includes a $650 SOB license as well as a $5000 bond with the city. However, Fantasy Maid Service Of Lubbock claims that it doesn’t fall under any of the sexually oriented business guidelines and isn’t another SOB business, but simply a maid service where the work is done naked. The city may even seek fines of $2000 a day against the small business until it registers as a SOB business, although the maid service doesn’t seem to meet any of the definitions of a strip club, lingerie modeling service or adult bookstore or video business. Government wants to enforce regulations against a business before any regulations apply to that type of business it seems. It’s almost like 1840 Massachusetts all over again.

In 1840, a small bookseller was arrested without charge for selling a copy of the European erotic novel, FANNY HILL, although Massachusetts had no law against selling such a book. It wasn’t until a year later in 1841 that the Massachusetts legislature actually got around to writing some law to justify the 1840 arrest. Likewise, government in Lubbock Texas is looking to enforce some SOB standard on the Fantasy Maid Service, although it doesn’t meet any of the definitions of any the businesses required by law to be licensed accordingly. The fact of the matter is that if government wants to enforce regulations against topless shoe shine shops, topless donut shops, or nude maid services, then it needs to actually write regulations that apply to those type of businesses. Government can’t enforce regulations against businesses that aren’t even written yet.

So there you go. Government likes to tax and spend your money. You come up with a new idea to make a buck so that government officials can have a paycheck, but they don’t want to encourage new businesses, especially controversial ones. So it goes. It’s almost enough to make someone like an Ayn Rand weep. Government sure knows how to kill small business. Further, whether this is a clean or dirty business is in the eye of the beholder as well.

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