Czech Easter Can Leave A Mark!

An old Medieval Easter Monday fertility ritual in the Czech Republic where women are whipped with a special willow switch tied with a ribbon to ensure both beauty and fertility remains a controversial tradition. Modern feminists don’t like it, however for the most part it’s mostly harmless fun in most cases. Supposedly, women of all ages are given a symbolic whipping with the Pomlazka switch on the legs or bottom. However, in some cases some men under the influence of alcohol have sometimes gotten things out of hand. There have been complaints of girls or women sometimes being beaten by unapproved objects such as electrical flex cable or other objects that can leave severe bruises far beyond the approved the symbolism of the traditional Pomlazka switch.

Traditionally, young women are supposed to give out either decorated Easter Eggs or even alcoholic drink in exchange for the symbolic fertility whipping they receive. But, sometimes it is the alcohol that leads to rowdy behavior with some males toward both girls and women. Women are also allowed to dowse the men with cold water in exchange for their symbolic fertility whipping if they so desire, but sometimes rowdy men throw girls and women into public fountains or other water supplies. But, no known injuries have been recorded from such holiday excess.

Of all of the former Eastern Bloc nations, the Czech Republic was far and away the most advanced of the group. Back in the early 1930’s Czechoslovakia was known for an automobile, the Tatra T97, which was ripped off by Germany’s Volkswagen, because of it’s advanced design so early into the 30’s. Few people know that the very popular Volkswagen Beetle was nothing more than a cheap German knockoff of a far superior Czech automobile. This country was that advanced. Yet, some old fashioned traditions like Pomlazka still survive to this day. The country remains a unique mix of the old and the new.

Despite how outrageous Pomlazka may seem to many around the world and in the United States, for the most part it’s mostly a harmless little relic from old pagan traditions where Spring represents the rebirth of nature. But, some women might still condsider the holiday a bit of a bum rap.

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