Keira Knightley’s Spanking Adventure

Keira knightley was rightly apprehensive that being spanked in A DANGEROUS METHOD was going to become the talk of the Internet. Indeed, the actress has had to answer more than few interview questions about her movie spanking, especially over in the UK where Knightley claims that the English are still obsessed with this sort of thing.

In the film A DANGEROUS METHOD, a historical drama about Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, Knightley plays Sabina Spielrein, who went from being an early patient of Jung, to becoming his love interest, and finally became a physician and early female psychoanalyst of her own. Because of her childhood experiences of some brutal spankings at the hands of her father, Spielrein continues in adulthood to have many issues where her sexual arousal is heavily linked to the humiliating punishment she got as a child. It appears that her mother was unfaithful to her father, so her father transferred his anger to the child by spanking her hard as an outlet for his rage. But, this has left Spielrein with a confused sexual arousal, so Jung also incorporates spanking and bondage into their lives as a sexual outlet as well.

Keira Knightley wasn’t real happy to read some parts of this script for this new David Cronenberg movie which has just made it to DVD this past week, but is still playing in some theaters. One scripted scene called for the actress to be tied to a bed, with her breasts exposed while getting a pretty good spanking from Jung. After making a few demands on her own from the producers of the film, Knightley agreed to do some kinky scenes as long as she had a bodyguard present on the set, had a stiff drink of vodka, and a box actually got a belt whipping, and not her own lovely little bottom.

A DANGEROUS METHOD is a very serious film that has either been nominated for or else has received a number of awards. But, for many fans of Keira Knightley, the bondage and spanking moments will also be a little extra draw for the film as well.

Funny thing, but a little kinky sex scenes will do wonders for a normally better than usual historical drama like this, pumping up interest.

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