The Shocking Story Behind The Alan Parsons EVE Cover

One of the most mysterious album covers of all time is 1979’s EVE album by The Alan Parson Project. At first what appears to breath-takingly beautiful models under veils is actually women suffering some horrible herpes sore deformities at a closer look. The women were actually prostitutes from Paris who were badly infected with a form of herpes virus. It is a shocking look at the high cost of low living.

The album itself is also a strange commentary about women as well, with one side of the album raising critical views some men hold about women, while the other side of the original vinyl album takes a sympathetic view toward women and some men’s treatment of them. In the cd form, the album has been expanded with seven additional tracks, including demo and outtake versions of “Lucifer” among bother tracks.

The album made it to #13 on the Billboard charts at one time, and it spurred a couple of interesting singles. In the U.S., “Damned If I do” was a top 30 hit in the United States. In Europe, “Lucifer” was a big hit single and did very well, although The Alan Parsons Project

The Alan Parson Project were viewed as being a progressive rock act with a little musical similarity to spacey sounding and esoteric progressive rock acts like Pink Floyd. EVE certainly rated as a unique concept album.

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