Lionsgate has just released the absurd parody of the TWILIGHT series, BREAKING WIND. And, as can be expected, this movie is a sophomoric little ditty with plenty of crude and crass jokes. In the first few minutes alone, I counted several oral sex jokes alone. That’s almost a new world record. With some silly casting as well as makeup and put-on hairstyles, BREAKING WIND, sort of works as an outrageous comedy. Yet, a movie like this would have been much better if someone like Leslie Nielsen were still alive and playing a lead role. This movie seems like the sort of humor you’d expect from a Leslie Nielsen-type production.

While being far from high art, BREAKING WIND does at least get the job done by acting as a TWILIGHT parody to hang a bunch of jokes on. Compared to a really good outrageous hardcore comedy films like AIRPLANE! or THE NAKED GUN series, BREAKING WIND really pales against those comedy classics. But, still there’s some laughs here, and that’s about all you can expect from a parody movie like this. BREAKING WIND is about what you’d expect, no more and no less

The Bottom Line: Far from being great, BREAKING WIND will still have an appeal to the young TWILIGHT crowd lovers and haters alike as a sometimes dead-on parody and satire of the series. **(Two stars, fair. Not a comedy gem, but still certainly better than that awful BUCKY LARSON DVD release from a few months ago, which dug in new subbasement among comedy movies).

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