THE RAVEN: The Dark Crime Thriller Based On Poe Due April 27

With an upcoming April 27 release date in the U.S., THE RAVEN looks to be a great crime thriller. Starring John Cusack, the fictionalized story involves author Edgar Allan Poe who joins forces a police detective to stop a serial killer who is basing his crimes on the struggling authors works. While little about this film is based in fact, this fictional drama should still provide plenty of thrills. So far the early critical response has been fairly strong for this film involving a deadly game of cat and mouse to stop the serial killer before he claims more victims.

Expect to a see a gripping and great great gothic thriller here, beautifully done with a dark background. Audiences want to see this upcoming new film.

John Cusack makes for a pretty good looking Edgar Allan Poe here, probably better than his sister Joan would look with a beard. But, all kidding aside, John’s a great actor with an impressive number of films under his notch. But, don’t expect a whole new Edgar Allan Poe crime fighter series to result from this one shot bit of fiction. As the raven might just say, “nevermore”.

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