Levi Johnston Gets School Teacher Pregnant

Levi Johnston’s 21 year old dick sure gets around. First he got Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, pregnant out of wedlock. Now, that happy go lucky penis has gotten a 20 year old Alaskan school teacher pregnant out of wedlock as well.

Levi Johnston has since become very estranged from the Palin family, who try every way they can to keep him from ever seeing his young son. His relationship with the Palin family has become a whole mess, so you can only wonder what’s going to happen with his relationship with his new pregnant out of wedlock girlfriend down the road.

TMZ claims that Bristol Palin lost her virginity while drunk on wine coolers. Well, isn’t that a real Norman Rockwell SATURDAY EVENING POST moment in white trash Americana!

Rick Santorum should rethink his views on birth control. Some folks just shouldn’t have kids. And Levi Johnston is at the top of that list.

So far, no word on what the lucky young school teacher has to say about winning the Levi Johnston sperm lottery. But, this latest story is just another good reason to avoid Wasilla.

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