Jaleel White Dismisses Abuse Claims

“Did I do that?”. As Steve Urkel, Jaleel White, was a real comedy legend, creating perhaps the funniest character since The Three Stooges themselves. And it seemed like a great idea to bring back this legendary actor for DANCING WITH THE STARS. But, then it seems that it also brought out former abuse claims from his former wife as well. This week, his ex, Bridget Hardy, claimed that White once punched her in a breast implant she had and then smashed her body into a toilet, breaking the toilet. It was a horrible story. Yet, if such a story was true, then why didn’t she call police at the time?

Jaleel White blames his recent success, if you can actually call it that, by appearing on DANCING WITH THE STARS for bringing out his ex-wife’s statements. White claims that some judge’s order won’t actually allow him to comment on the abuse allegations. His explanation may be a little bit questionable here, as it’s usually lawyers with a pending case that advise their clients not to speak. No doubt we’ll be hearing more about this dark cloud over all the happy memories that Steve Urkel gave us.

In the series finale of FAMILY MATTERS run over on CBS during one Summer, Steve Urkel finally convinced Laura Winslow to marry him after unsuccessfully pursuing her for years, and telling her, “I’m wearing you down, baby. I’m wearing you down” after every rejection. All good fans of the show prefer to believe that Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow are living happily ever after somewhere, and issues like domestic violence never ever surface.

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