Big Time Sissyass Stuff: An Angry California Mom’s Crusade Against Her Daughter’s Romance

Some moms just don’t want to let go of their kids it seems, even after they’re already all grown up. Angry California mom Tammie Powers has found a willing member of the California legislature willing to propose a law making it a felony for teachers and students to form a romance, even if the student is an adult over the age of 18. Certainly, it understandable if an adult teacher is forming a romantic relationship with a child. But, over the age of 18, adults can make up their own minds. They’re old enough to vote or to die in war, so what’s wrong with an 18 year old making their own decisions of who to date. And what about college students, does Tammie Powers want to rule over their lives until they’re 21 or older as well? 26 states may actually have some sort of law regulating teacher-student relationships, although it’s not immediately clear how many of these laws also regulate a relationship between two consenting adults. Is regulating relationships among consenting adults even legal or constitutional? At some point isn’t an adult an adult?

The fact of the matter is 18 that year old student Jordan Powers is probably wise enough to choose her own boyfriends without mom’s interference, thankyou.

Even though both 18 year Jordan Powers and her lover and former teacher, James Hooker, 41, are of legal age, police have investigated the couple, but apparently never found anything illegal between the two adults. You know that mom had to be behind that. It seems that Tammie Powers is absolutely convinced that her daughter is under the spell of some Svengali or something. Well, maybe it’s just love, Tammie.

Hooker even left his wife and kids to be with his 18 year old lover, proving that for some odd reason that some older guy who’s not particularly wealthy can attract a young girlfriend. While his 18 year old lover looks up to her former teacher as being wise. Sure, it’s an odd relationship. But, if it works for them and is among legal adults, then what’s the harm. But, none of that satisfies mom Tammie who has taken her one woman crusade to DR. PHIL among other shows. And everyone knows what an important medium DR. PHIL is to decide law, don’t they?

If angry mom Tammie Powers were looking to protect kids in school, that would certainly be commendable. But, hasn’t she crossed the line by attempting to regulate the adult relationships of persons over 18 as well? What if a teacher and student were much closer in age, would that make any difference to Tammie? I had teachers who were 23 in high school. If a 23 year old dated a 18 year old, would that seem more right to Tammie?

In my grandfather’s day, he was around 29 when he married my grandmother, who was just 16 at the time. That was those days. That would be taboo these days. But, what’s wrong with two folks over 18 hooking up? Funny, you don’t hear anything about a Mr. Powers, so is Tammie just some clingy mom not ready to give up her daughter to a man. You wonder. I personally like my women a little older. I’m nearly 57, and my girlfriend just turned 29. And we’re both happy with things. But, if James Hooker likes his women young, as long as they’re legal, what’s the harm?

Another big problem for the Tammie Powers crusade is that law cannot retroactively be applied to someone. Tammie Powers can’t lobby Sacramental legislators to write some new law to get revenge on the older guy who got away with her daughter. So what’s the point here. Sure the relationship is strange. But it’s legal, so why bother Tammie, why?

What do readers out there think about this strange relationship or angry mom Tammie? Let’s hear some comments. Is this relationship okay, or is it borderline creepy?

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  • If Jordan Powers is over the age of 18 and has graduated from high school, then she has the same rights that all adults have (except for purchasing alcohol). So, her mother is wrong to interfere with her daiting life.