Major League WTF?: Texas Lawyers Will Go To Court To Argue Over The Term Aircraft “Passenger” In Case Involving Injured Model

Lawyers for seriously injured model and fashion blogger, Lauren Scruggs, are playing a curious little legal game over the term “passenger” in their lawsuit seeking damages for the injured model after she lost an eye and a hand after she walked into a moving propeller exiting a small plane back in December after viewing some Christmas lights by air. Lawyers for the badly injured model claim that she wasn’t technically a “passenger” at the time of the accident, claiming that fact entitles their plaintiff to additional lawsuit funds. Gez.

From the wording of the lawsuit comes this legal absurdity: “Ms. Scruggs, in contrast takes the literal and logical view of the term “getting out of the aircraft”, and contends that she was no longer a “passenger” because she had completed her exit prior to the time of incident and was physically located on the tarmac when the incident happened. Until struck by the propeller, she was not in physical contact with the aircraft after her accident. It’ll be up to the court to define “passenger”. Holy Christ! Lawyers go to school to learn how to write legal briefs like this?

They say that some models can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. And, apparently some models can’t walk and stay away from moving aircraft propellers either. Indeed, this was a terrible accident here. And we certainly feel deeply sorry for this model. But, why for the love of everything holy, did the pilot leave the propeller running when passengers are either entering or exiting the plane. That seems like some aviation protocol rules violation right there. There sure appears to be some big time negligence on the part of the pilot for not ensuring a safer entry and exit from the plane of “passengers”. That alone should be grounds for a substantial damage award to the injured model who apparently neither noticed the loud operating engine noise or big whirling dangerous propeller right in front of her. Most people seem much more observant than this of seriously dangerous stuff. But, then again we’re talking about a model here, so the bar is set much lower.

Somewhere, some good God fearing Texas lawyers, probably charging their clients up to hundreds an hour for legal services, will spend a good part of a day in court arguing about the term “passenger”. Oh, thank God for this legal system that we wrought upon ourselves.

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