The Tulisa Contostavios Sex Video Scandal Illustrates The Nightmare Of Compromising “Revenge” Web Posting Of Private Moments

A controversial ad running on Wizbang Pop needs to addressed here. The sex video scandal for X Factor judge Tulisa Contostavios only illustrates just how easy it is for a former boyfriend to post compromising videos of former lovers Online to hurt their reputation. A number of Websites actively encourage ex-boyfriends to post compromising photos and videos of their former girlfriends as a form of revenge by only asking for one party consent of the coaimed owner of the work, and not asking for the consent of of the other person being photographed. Some Websites do allow a young woman who discovers her intimate photographs and videos posted Online to submit a document to have the offending works removed. Unfortunately, by time this discovery has been made perhaps 10,000’s of viewers have either viewed or even downloaded the works.

Another serious problem is that so many Websites that openly solicit revenge photos and videos of ex-girlfriends are foreign located. This has a number of interesting legal issues here. Photographer and model consent aren’t both required in some countries. Further, the legal U.S. federal record keeping requirements standards may be very lax by some foreign Websites who don’t feel that they have to strongly adhere to stricter U.S. laws. That could potentially contribute to serious legal exploitation situations for some young women beyond just the unauthorized use of their images.

American adult entertainment companies such as HUSTLER have viewer submitted features such as their Beaver Hunt feature. And it requires a fairly extensive model release form where payment for any photos only goes to the model themselves and not the photographer or any person who claims to possess the photographs. This has prevented unauthorized photos from being published as well as adhere to the strict U.S. federal record keeping laws. This is a very good model.

But, unfortunately it is just those foreign Websites which like to advertise that they are “revenge” sites that will post these unauthorized photos and videos of former girlfriends. Some even brag about publishing hacked private photos from MySpace, Facebook or other sites, which is just plain criminal.

Perhaps search engines should decide to police some of these unauthorized “revenge” photo and video posting sites much better, and possibly even disconnect some that seem to flaunt U.S. laws or explicitly seek to victimize. Lawmakers should also consider some curbs on these type of sites, which main purpose appears to be to victimize former girlfriends with compromising materials that could hurt their current relationships, job or entrance into a school.

Many young people may do something that they may regret later. But, for many young women to be victimized by compromising photos or videos of them being used to harm their present life is nothing short of malicious intent, and is entirely different than consensual sexual fun among adults. A number of Websites allow homemade sex tapes of consensual fun among adult couples. That’s just goofy fun, where no one is harmed. But, this unauthorized publication of private moments for revenge is a whole different creature.

Many Websites recognized that British singer Tulisa Contostavios was a victim here and quickly moved to remove the private video of her. A relationship with a former boyfriend just didn’t work out, so he threatened to hurt her career by releasing a private moment where she shared some oral sex enjoyment with her former boyfriend. There was nothing but bad intent here.

Many readers of Wizbang Pop will no doubt want to click the ad link to view the Tulisa Contostavios sex video. That’s just normal human curiosity about a popular celebrity. People like to read about celebrity scandal here, but unlike a Lindsay Lohan or someone who deliberately brought scandal on themselves through their own willful acts, Tulisa Contostavos merely shared a normal and typical private sexual relationship moment with a young man she once loved. Now, he’s using those intimate moments from that relationship to hurt his former lover. And that’s very bad.

These things just needed to be said.

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