Rick Santorum’s Wife Had A 6 Year Affair With Abortion Doctor

Rick Santorum’s wife claims the family campaign is “God’s will”. And on the stump, the wife of Rick Santorum, Karen Garver Santorum, portrays herself as a devoutly Catholic mother strongly approving the claimed pro-family and pro-life political views of her husband. But, as London’s MAIL ONLINE has discovered, it’s all a bunch of nonsense. Since her early twenties, Karen Garver, has had a penchant for sleeping with men of power, hoping to sleep her way to the top of power. When she was just 22, Garver had a six year affair with an abortion doctor more than 40 years her elder. Trading sex and companionship was just her way of satisfying her personal lust for power.

Garver’s affair with abortion doctor, Dr. Thomas Allen, began when she was just 22, and he was 63. For six years, Karen Garver lived with this millionaire abortion pioneer, loving the free spending playboy’s liberal views and worldly style. Garver’s next opportunity to sleep her way up to the top came when she met Rick Santorum, a U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. Garver might claim that she left Allen because she wanted to have children. But, perhaps the fact that Santorum was worth an estimated $4.2 million dollars might have had some big influence as well as his political ambitions, considering Graver’s penchant for seeking out men of wealth and power.

The story seems remarkably similar to that of Monica Lewinsky, who would hang around some Oregon businesses hoping to lure a business owner into an affair with her, but then later sleeping with a married Lewis & Clark college professor, and finally having a scandalous relationship with President Bill Clinton.

The news about the moral hypocrisy over the abortion issue within Rick Santorum’s household seems to drive a stake in the heart of the claims about what a holy household they supposedly run. Upon closer examination, more and more revelations about Rick Santorum’s family’s claimed strong faith in God appears to be more and more suspect and phony. Instead of running a more normal campaign for president, Santorum more than any other presidential candidate in recent memory has made his claimed strong faith in God one of his main campaign issues. This has also only invited journalists to look at his family, uncovering serious contradictions between what the candidate claims he believes and how the candidate’s family actually lives. It is about the same sort of trap that Gary Hart set up for himself when he only encouraged reporters to find evidence of his infidelity.

Another serious problem for Rick Santorum is that he had a role in a sex scandal of his own. According to a news report by THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR back on May 14, 2011, during the Sen. John Ensign sex scandal, Ensign received unethical and perhaps even illegal help from two former senators to cover up or make Ensign’s sex scandal problems go away. Santorum had lost re-election in Pennsylvania by more than 700,000 votes in 2006 because of the very poor job he did to stop job losses in the state and other serious issues, but sent a Email to Ensign in an attempt to prevent the sex scandal from becoming news as Ensign’s head of staff, Doug Hamilton was going to break the news to FOX that Ensign had an affair with his wife, Cynthia. Santorum attempted to refute his role in this scandal to Politico and other news outlets, and only in more recent times acknowledged that he did indeed send Ensign a Email when the Senate Ethic’s Committee asked for the truth from Santorum about his role in the scandal. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma went even farther than Santorum, when he attempted to negotiate some sort of financial settlement to the Hamilton’s to quiet down the brewing scandal.

Just this weekend, Santorum was part of a political event at a fundamentalist church in Louisiana, where Pastor Dennis Terry called for a theocratic form of government in the United States, and warned liberals, Muslims and Buddhists to leave the country. It is just this sort of social radicalism that is so alarming to social liberals and more moderate voters, deeply concerned about the fanatical views of Rick Santorum, who’s election as president could enter in a dark age for the entertainment industry as Santorum could use the Justice Department and other government agencies to impose his own extremist views of religion and social and cultural conservatism on the entire nation.

While Santorum probably isn’t the Christian version of Hitler, he is no doubt beginning to frighten many social liberals. Some leading personalities in the adult entertainment industry are so fearful of what Santorum means for their industry and the county that they are rapidly mobilizing up to thwart him as a huge threat to business and artistic freedom. And other segments of the entertainment industry will no doubt rise up to oppose Santorum as well if it appears that he has any chance at all of his long-shot bid for the presidency succeeding. His much more moderate opponent, Mitt Romney, hasn’t succeeded in putting away Santorum yet, although he holds a large delegate lead. But, Santorum scares many voters in more socially liberal parts of the country.

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