Major League WTF?: Police And Retailers Ponder How To Deter Detergent Crime Wave

Believe it or not, the shoplifting theft of tide detergent from grocery retailers is the latest wave of crime. Selling at around $15 a bottle at many discount retailers, some shoplifters also involved in the drug trade are either selling black market bottles of Tide for $5 a bottle or even trading the popular orange bottled liquid laundry detergent for drugs in other cases. It’s a baffling new wave of crime that has both police as well as grocery retailers wringing out their hands rather than their laundry.

Some retailers are having problems with thieves who load up shopping carts with the detergent, and then make a rush out the door and make a clean getaway. The huge upswing in Tide detergents thefts is only the latest grime wave to sweep the nation, where crooks have found a new way to play dirty and not come clean. But, all jokes aside, some retailers are considering some sorts of locks or security devices to deter the detergent crime wave.

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  • There’s probably some way to turn it into a meth precursor.

    I foresee it becoming prescription only…

    • herddog505

      And you can be arrested for having more than a fixed amount in your home.

      Are no-knock raids next?

  • Paul Hooson

    Hi JL. Sounds logical to me. Hope police can turn the Tide(drum roll).