Los Angeles Obscenity Trial Ends With Hung Jury

The Los Angeles obscenity trial against controversial artist and fetish porn actor and producer, Ira Isaacs ended with a hung jury today, when two of the 12 jurors refused to vote for conviction of the controversial artist, citing his defense that his material was considered art and exempt from federal obscenity law. U.S. District Court Judge George King thanked the jurors for their service and promptly ended the trial in a mistrial. It will be up to the government to attempt to move for a retrial, however the government created controversy before where Isaacs brought a double jeopardy suit against the government all the way to the Supreme Court once before for bringing fresh obscenity charges while prosecuting him on three older charges. The government strategy seems to be to bankrupt Isaacs whose business income has seemed to recede significantly from it’s peak of about $30,000 a month before his first indictment. Isaacs now claims to be broke and is accepting donations to help pay for his legal fees. The government’s case has also squandered a great deal of taxpayer money as well. The case against Isaacs started way back during the Bush Administration as a form of political payback to right wing Christian organizations such as Morality In Media who aren’t just content to believe in God, but advocate the use of public law to enforce their own religious agenda. Isaacs could have received 40 years in prison. A very high price to pay for offending the religious values of someone. The American Taliban lives.

The government also wasn’t very honest in their prosecution of Isaacs as well. The government failed to inform jurors that some of the films involved camera tricks or Hollywood magic where no actual excrement was used in one controversial film. Another film involving a controversial Japanese porn performer and two dogs was also largely faked using some camera tricks according to a report over at AVN. Yet the government made no attempt to inform jurors that these two films involved these faked or camera trick features, making the government’s case against Isaacs a very dishonest prosecution.

Hopefully the long legal problems for this controversial personality are now over. He’s paid lots of money for legal defense costs as well as suffered a lot of heartache all because of his own controversial speech expression. The government has persecuted this controversial personality enough. He’s been punished enough for any expression that offended any one. It’s time for the government to drop this case and let a sleeping dog lie(no joke intended about his doggie film on trial).

One juror didn’t believe in the concept of obscenity laws, but the judge attempted to force that juror to decide based on the law as written. But, two women on the jury believed that the films on trial had some artistic intent, although the material was extremely offensive. Isaacs talked to some of the jurors, expressing his appreciation for respecting his controversial expression.

If this one controversial personality escapes the government’s clutches, it doesn’t mean that mainstream pornography is interested in following his lead into controversial fetish material like Isaacs deals in. His material is deeply disturbing and only has a tiny fringe appeal. Thank God.

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