Nick Cannon Now Diagnosed With Autoimmune Illness

Actor Nick Cannon always looked like the luckiest man in the world, married to the very beautiful singing bombshell Mariah Carey. But, suddenly his fortunes changed when he began having serious health problems. Back in January he was sent to the hospital with some kidney failure related issues. Now he has been diagnosed with some sort of autoimmune illness similar to lupus.

Cannon has also suffered some issues with blood clots in Mid-February as well, which forced him to have to quit his radio program. For now, Cannon is still scheduled to host AMERICA’S GOT TALENT, which is NBC’s flagship Summer season program. But, continued health issues certainly can threaten that gig as well.

Nick Cannon is a very nice and personable. Here at Wizbang Pop we feel deeply sorry about his health battles and can only wish him our prayers and best wishes for a full and complete health recovery. We certainly wish Mr. Mariah Carey well.

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  • Mr. EE

    “Here at wizbangpop we feel…” man fuck you. You act like people even heard of this site.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hey, EE. According to the stats we have 2.1 million readers worldwide, including most nations with the exception of North Korea. We’re popular in the UK as well, and even have a few readers in the Mideast as well.

  • MunDane68

    Well, we know that Doctor House didn’t make the diagnosis.